It is a reconstructive, Leave-In Conditioner containing high levels of Keratin. This allows it to keep Frizz under control from the moment of application until the next shampoo wash. It also makes hair look Shinier, Softer, and Smoother, Untangling it more easily.

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in phuse

It is a deep-acting, reconstructing product that strengthens and carefully rebuilds the hair strands from the inside out.

It is applied midway down on to the tips of Wet Hair after washing hair with Daily Cleanse or Moisture Rich Shampoo.

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lustre oil

This Oil contains ORGANIC ingredients, resulting in easy Application and Absorption. It is ideal for Softer and Shinier Hair-Do”s, as well as Detangling each hair strand without any breaks.

 You can use Straighteners, Curlers, and Hair Dryers, with this product because it helps protect the hair strands from the high temperatures.

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daily cleanse shampoo

This shampoo was created for all hair types and is intended for family use.It contains significant amounts of softening emollients and cleaning agents that clean deep within the hair strands and scalp.

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moisture rich shampoo


This Shampoo is specifically designed for color-treated hair.

It can be used immediately after coloring hair to seal the color and give it long-lasting effects, as well as making it look Shinier and Healthier. This shampoo also contains softening emollients that will leave hair with a brilliant shine and feel softer.

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moisture lock conditioner


enriched with softening emollients and a special dose of ARGAN OIL. This nourishes the hair with UNIQUELY NATURAL nutrients that make hair significantly Softer, Healthier, and Alive.